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Kid Wearing Baseball Cap While Running Bases

Baseball players wear hats because wearing a hat is correct

by Fred Hofstetter on April 9, 2022

Practicality explains why baseball players may want to wear a billed cap. But why does every player always wear a hat? Because it’s the right thing to do.

Baseball on Right Hand Batter's Box on Baseball Field

5 reasons why baseball needs the 2022 MLB lockout

by Fred Hofstetter on February 8, 2022

Enough consternation about the 2022 lockout's potential for disaster. Here's why the lockout comes at a great time for baseball.

Corporate Worker Exercising No Trade Clause

I just exercised my no-trade clause

by Fred Hofstetter on July 31, 2021

Despite my employer's efforts to sell high on me, I coolly declined their proposition to trade me to a competing firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Unwritten Rules of Baseball

Unwritten rules of baseball: the stupid, broken, and OK

by Fred Hofstetter on July 1, 2021

While several unwritten baseball rules are worthy only of laughter and derision, they aren't all stupid, and there's a good reason they exist.

Do Strikeouts Matter Win Percentage in Games with No Strikeouts

What are the odds of winning if a team doesn't strike out?

by Fred Hofstetter on January 21, 2021

Strikeouts have been on the rise. But outs are just outs, right? Does it really matter how often a team strikes out in terms of wins and losses?

Total Solo Homers in 2020 Regular Season

MLB solo homers in 2020: a brief breakdown

by Fred Hofstetter on January 15, 2021

Discover the Hot Facts about the instances of MLB home runs in which no baseball players occupied bases. The shocking truths revealed within will surely shock you.

MLB Bullpen Catcher Salary 2020 Average

How much do MLB bullpen catchers make?

by Fred Hofstetter on December 15, 2020

Let’s take a crack at estimating the average major league bullpen catcher salary. Then daydream about becoming one.

Tallest MLB Baseball Player All Time Jon Rauch

Who is the tallest baseball player ever? And right now?

by Fred Hofstetter on December 8, 2020

Baseball’s height-iest players never made the major leagues. Learn about them and some of the tallest in MLB history, both active and all-time.

Who Gets MLB World Series Rings Rules

Who gets a World Series ring?

by Fred Hofstetter on May 6, 2020

It’s up to owners - there are no hard and fast rules for who gets World Series rings. All players and coaches get them, and so do select employees and staff.

2019 MLB Batting Average League Leader I Didn't Notice Tim Anderson

Two obvious things I missed about the 2019 MLB season

by Fred Hofstetter on April 19, 2020

I must confess a blind spot for the American League. It ballooned embarrassingly when I finally realized Tim Anderson and Jorge Soler had pretty great seasons in 2019.

MLB Baseball Rain Delay Rules 2019

Brush up on these 7 MLB rain delay rules

by Fred Hofstetter on April 14, 2020

As we endure the strangest baseball delay of my adult lifetime, read up on the the rules of MLB baseball’s more conventional rain delay.

MLB Strike Zone Size Dimensions and Spectrum

Something feels off about the official MLB strike zone dimensions

by Fred Hofstetter on April 13, 2020

When it comes to the size and dimensions of the strike zone, it sure doesn't seem anyone cares much about MLB's official rules.

MLB #1 First Overall Draft Picks Busts

Worst MLB #1 overall picks: these 7 really didn't pan out

by Fred Hofstetter on April 5, 2020

You may struggle to recall these first round #1 picks in the MLB draft. 1st overall picks typically become A-grade big league players. But not these guys.

Patrick Carney Jay Bell Baseball Story

A lesson in humility from Patrick Carney

by Fred Hofstetter on April 4, 2020

Former ballplayers Jay Bell and Jose Canseco make a conversational cameo in Joe Rogan's podcast with the Black Keys. Drummer Patrick Carney recalls an A+ story.

Why Baseball Players Always Chew Gum During Games

Why do baseball players chew gum?

by Fred Hofstetter on March 4, 2020

MLB baseball players constantly chew bubble gum, spit, gnash on sunflower seeds and tobacco. Why? Why do they do this all the time during games?

Nolan Arenado 2020 Disrespect Comment Trade Rumors

Quarter of a billionaire feels disrespected

by Fred Hofstetter on January 22, 2020

Colorado Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado feels disrespected by the employer who has voluntarily agreed to pay him $260 million.

Astros MLB Cheating Scandal Sign Stealing Punishment

MLB's Astros punishment doesn't go far enough

by Fred Hofstetter on January 16, 2020

The punishment for the Astros' garbage can banging sign stealing cheating scandal hasn't gone nearly far enough. Should heads roll?

Signs Baseball Fans Ready for 2020 Season

Seems like people are ready for 2020 baseball

by Fred Hofstetter on January 12, 2020

Baseball fans are fatigued with inferior sports and are showing many of the common signs of thirst for the next MLB season.

Is the sport baseball dying out in America 2020

7 consensus reasons why baseball is dying + 7 ornery rebuttals

by Fred Hofstetter on January 8, 2020

The reasons for baseball's impending doom are full of misnomers, contradictions and false presumptions. Here's why baseball is not a dying sport in America in 2020.

History of the Screwball Pitch

The screwball pitch: what it is, how to throw it & pitchers who do

by Fred Hofstetter on September 8, 2019

The history of the screwball pitch in baseball is slippery. How it started, who throws it and even how to grip it is all up for debate.

MLB Top Draft Picks 2019

I can't wait to remember these 5 2019 MLB draft picks in 3 years

by Fred Hofstetter on June 4, 2019

Gear up for some serious nostalgia the next time the names of these top 2019 MLB draft picks cross your mind.

Christian Yelich Sucks

Christian Yelich sucks

by Fred Hofstetter on May 29, 2019

Christian Yelich sucks. I'm sick of this right now. He really messed this thing up for us, and me.

How Robot Umpires Would Work

How MLB robot umpires will work

by Fred Hofstetter on May 22, 2019

It's happening in minor league baseball - the Atlantic League is the test subject for robot umps, and MLB won't be far behind. Here's how it will work.

Baseball fans correlate 'disabled' with 'injured' for the first time

by Fred Hofstetter on February 10, 2019

Major League Baseball's recent nomenclature adjustment has provoked baseball fans across America to think about these important words for the first time.

Manny Machado 2019 Free Agent Retire

Maybe Manny Machado will just quit

by Fred Hofstetter on February 4, 2019

Free agent Manny Machado has yet to sign with a baseball team for 2019. Maybe he will just hang up his cleats for good and call it a career.

Baseball Writers Hall of Fame Debate 2019

Imagine really caring about hall of fame voting

by Fred Hofstetter on January 22, 2019

Baseball writers and a handful of hardcores are really enthusiastic about who does and doesn't get into the hall of fame. Imagine being one of these people.

MLB Rain Delay Questions

Twins-Royals rain delay raises questions about weather

by Fred Hofstetter on August 30, 2018

In the many years of Major League Baseball, water and weather have only ever disrupted the National Pastime. What is rain and what does it have to do with baseball?

Marlins Park Where 1,000 Fans Listen to Themselves Breathe

Marlins fan whistles loudly to hear it echo back

by Fred Hofstetter on July 12, 2018

In the 9th inning with the bases loaded in a tie game, a local Marlins fan whistled loudly to hear it echo back at him from the other side of the stadium.

New Expansion Team Player with Exposed Biceps

New MLB expansion team promotes culture of biceps

by Fred Hofstetter on July 1, 2018

A brand new MLB expansion team is creating an adorable punk identity while capitalizing on the latest market inefficiency.

Man on Computer Stressing about Small Sample Size of Baseball Statistics

Baseball data analysts agree: the sample size is too small

by Fred Hofstetter on May 29, 2018

The consensus is unanimous: the sample size is just too small to say one way or the other.

Mike Matheny St. Louis Cardinals Manager Carefully Monitoring Pitcher Innings

In effort to limit innings, Cardinals to forfeit 12 games

by Fred Hofstetter on April 18, 2018

The St. Louis Cardinals are taking unprecedented measures to reduce starting pitching and bullpen usage.

How Much Baseball Players Should Make

I know how much money baseball players should make

by Fred Hofstetter on April 2, 2018

I know how much money different all kinds of professional baseball players should make. My internet access and eagerness to spout off opinions circumvents forces far out of my control.

Eric Hosmer Upset Because of MLB Free Agent Crisis

MLB free agents agree: they took our jobs

by Fred Hofstetter on January 29, 2018

MLB free agents are frustrated about owners' profiteering pricing them out of work. Many are joining the pushback against the influx of younger and cheaper players, stressing that they can just get out.

MLB Free Agent Collusion Occurs Thanks to International Supervillain

MLB collusion almost certainly the work of international supervillain

by Fred Hofstetter on January 17, 2018

MLB owners and front office executives cannot be fully credited with the circumvention of crippling free agent contracts and costly draft pick compensation. Behind the curtain assuredly lies a superior foe worthy of our awe and mortal fear.

Don La Greca ESPN Radio Rant about Pythagorean Theorem

In defense of baseball's pythagorean theorem

by Fred Hofstetter on November 8, 2017

Don La Greca undressed Pythagorean Theorem supporters in a florid rant on ESPN radio - a theorem with modest potential for widespread application.

Yankees invade Indians' territory and conquer them

by Fred Hofstetter on October 12, 2017

The Yankees stormed the shores of Progressive Field and conquered the Indians by force in Game 5 of the ALDS.

Brewers Players Doing High Fives after a Win

Brewers within 1 game of Rockies in Wild Card with 0 games remaining

by Fred Hofstetter on October 1, 2017

With a win on Sunday in St. Louis, the Brewers moved within one game of the Colorado Rockies for the second Wild Card spot with zero games left to play.

Pittsburgh Pirates Stadium Where They Will Protest the Cardinals

Pittsburgh Pirates will Kneel During the National Anthem to Protest the St. Louis Cardinals

by Fred Hofstetter on September 24, 2017

Before Sunday's game in PNC Park, the Pittsburgh Pirates will make a bold statement by kneeling during the National Anthem to protest the St. Louis Cardinals.

Pitcher Jimmy Nelson Trying to Hit a Baseball

Proposing new designated player roles - excellent ideas for MLB

by Fred Hofstetter on September 13, 2017

Pitchers can't run the bases. Fielders can't hit. Let's explore specializing every corner of Major League Baseball - from the shortstop to the bat boy.

Boston Red Sox Cheating Using Apple Watches

Baseball fans everywhere furious to know players are cheating

by Fred Hofstetter on September 6, 2017

The Boston Red Sox were caught cheating. They've been using Apple watches to steal signs. MLB fans around the league are furious to know about it.

Madison Bumgarner Hitting Home Run with Tight Cheeks

Madison Bumgarner gets both cheeks into a swing

by Fred Hofstetter on September 3, 2017

Madison Bumgarner hit a very long home run, and Mike Krukow offered a curious throwaway comment to explain its distance.

Player to Be Named Later

Player to be Named Later traded again

by Fred Hofstetter on September 3, 2017

Player to be Named Later has been traded again. The most versatile player in baseball continues his trek around the league.

Rich Hill with Pained Facial Expression

New baseball terminology: The Hillux

by Fred Hofstetter on September 3, 2017

Rich Hill's remarkable 9 no-hit inning loss in 99 pitches hearkens to baseball legends like Greg Maddux and sad sack legends like Charlie Brown.

Watch Matt Garza make a barehanded play and actually make the throw to first

by Fred Hofstetter on September 3, 2017

Matt Garza just made a barehanded stab at a comebacker and successfully threw the baseball to first base. He threw the ball to first base.

Todd Coffey Pitching

Todd Coffey is large and always sprinted when he came into a game from the bullpen

by Fred Hofstetter on September 3, 2017

Todd Coffey likes to sprint really fast into the mound. Watch him do it.

Rickey Henderson Making the First Out

Analysis: never make the first out at any base

by Fred Hofstetter on September 3, 2017

Making the first out puts baseball teams at a serious disadvantage. Players who do not make the first out are more valuable.

Angels Pitcher Jered Weaver Screaming at Something

Celebrating 18 years of Weavers

by Fred Hofstetter on September 3, 2017

The reign of Weavers is over, putting a close to the latest version of a weirdly understated phenomenon in modern professional sports.

Bartolo Colon Pitching for the New York Mets

Bartolo Colon is still a major league baseball pitcher

by Fred Hofstetter on September 3, 2017

Bartolo Colon continues pitching in Major League Baseball games. He represents everything a baseball fan wishes to be.

Screwball Pitcher Carl Hubbell

Introducing The Screwball Times - the blog defined by the pitch

by Fred Hofstetter on September 2, 2017

The latest in baseball's goofiness, bat flips, brawls and hot takes. We marvel at random chance. Infinite possibilities yield hilarity. Leave the lofty takeaway at the door.