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Corporate Worker Exercising No Trade Clause

I just exercised my no-trade clause

Fred Hofstetter on July 31, 2021

Despite my employer's efforts to sell high on me, I coolly declined their proposition to trade me to a competing firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Total Solo Homers in 2020 Regular Season

MLB solo homers in 2020: a brief breakdown

Fred Hofstetter on January 15, 2021

Discover the Hot Facts about the instances of MLB home runs in which no baseball players occupied bases. The shocking truths revealed within will surely shock you.

2019 MLB Batting Average League Leader I Didn't Notice Tim Anderson

Two obvious things I missed about the 2019 MLB season

Fred Hofstetter on April 19, 2020

I must confess a blind spot for the American League. It ballooned embarrassingly when I finally realized Tim Anderson and Jorge Soler had pretty great seasons in 2019.

MLB Strike Zone Size Dimensions and Spectrum

Something feels off about the official MLB strike zone dimensions

Fred Hofstetter on April 13, 2020

When it comes to the size and dimensions of the strike zone, it sure doesn't seem anyone cares much about MLB's official rules.

Patrick Carney Jay Bell Baseball Story

A lesson in humility from Patrick Carney

Fred Hofstetter on April 4, 2020

Former ballplayers Jay Bell and Jose Canseco make a conversational cameo in Joe Rogan's podcast with the Black Keys. Drummer Patrick Carney recalls an A+ story.

Nolan Arenado 2020 Disrespect Comment Trade Rumors

Quarter of a billionaire feels disrespected

Fred Hofstetter on January 22, 2020

Colorado Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado feels disrespected by the employer who has voluntarily agreed to pay him $260 million.

Astros MLB Cheating Scandal Sign Stealing Punishment

MLB's Astros punishment doesn't go far enough

Fred Hofstetter on January 16, 2020

The punishment for the Astros' garbage can banging sign stealing cheating scandal hasn't gone nearly far enough. Should heads roll?

Signs Baseball Fans Ready for 2020 Season

Seems like people are ready for 2020 baseball

Fred Hofstetter on January 12, 2020

Baseball fans are fatigued with inferior sports and are showing many of the common signs of thirst for the next MLB season.

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Why do baseball players chew gum?

Fred Hofstetter on March 4, 2020

MLB baseball players constantly chew bubble gum, spit, gnash on sunflower seeds and tobacco. Why? Why do they do this all the time during games?

7 consensus reasons why baseball is dying + 7 ornery rebuttals

Fred Hofstetter on January 8, 2020

The reasons for baseball's impending doom are full of misnomers, contradictions and false presumptions. Here's why baseball is not a dying sport in America in 2020.

The screwball pitch: what it is, how to throw it & pitchers who do

Fred Hofstetter on September 8, 2019

The history of the screwball pitch in baseball is slippery. How it started, who throws it and even how to grip it is all up for debate.

I can't wait to remember these 5 2019 MLB draft picks in 3 years

Fred Hofstetter on June 4, 2019

Gear up for some serious nostalgia the next time the names of these top 2019 MLB draft picks cross your mind.

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Here are the 5 best types of baseball pitching training aids (2023)

Fred Hofstetter on March 3, 2023

There’s one you can’t go without - but there are several additional great pitching training tools for both youth and adult pitchers.

Here are 10 of the best baseball pitching machines (2023)

Fred Hofstetter on September 22, 2022

See some of the most common types of pitching machines you can buy, and what you can expect for price vs. quality for youth, adults and pros.

These are the 11 best baseball hitting/swing trainers (2023)

Fred Hofstetter on March 26, 2022

Find the perfect batting swing training aids for yourself or your team. Get better at hitting and have more fun playing baseball.

These are the 5 best baseball rebounders & pitchback nets (2023)

Fred Hofstetter on March 22, 2022

These rebounders/pitchback return nets are perfect for backyard fielding drills when your obsessive kid won't call it quits even after the sun goes down.

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