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A lesson in humility from Patrick Carney

A lesson in humility from Patrick Carney

Fred Hofstetter on April 4, 2020

Former ballplayers Jay Bell and Jose Canseco make a conversational cameo in Joe Rogan's podcast with the Black Keys. Drummer Patrick Carney recalls an A+ story.

Patrick Carney reminds us not to get too full of ourselves, starring Jose Canseco and Jay Bell.

The Black Keys sat down with Joe Rogan about a million years ago before the entire world shut down.

For a 3+ hour podcast with absolutely no reason to talk about baseball, it’s a bit surprising to hear the names Jose Canseco and Jay Bell within the first 10 minutes.

The clip below begins with Jose Canseco humbling Joe Rogan. Be sure to stick around for the story Carney tells starting at about 3:20.

Warning: they use swear words.

I come back to this clip about once a month for a laugh.

Baseball is never too far removed from the important lessons of life.

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