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Player to be Named Later traded again

Player to be Named Later traded again

Fred Hofstetter on September 3, 2017

Player to be Named Later has been traded again. The most versatile player in baseball continues his trek around the league.

Player to be Named Later has struggled in 2017, with a batting average yet to be calculated.

Player to be Named Later has once again been traded – this time to the New York Mets in exchange for veteran outfielder Curtis Granderson.

“I’m a team player,” said to be Named Later. “I understand finding the right fit in a trade is a tough one for a general manager. I like to think I’m always a good fit for a team who doesn’t really know what they want or have any real firm identity to speak of.”

to be Named Later buttons up his 3-day career with the Colorado Rockies and will hop on a plane to New York. He moves on, eager to adapt to his surroundings and never let his personality or skills get in the way of completing blockbuster mid-season trades.

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