I know how much money baseball players should make

by Fred Hofstetter on April 2, 2018

I know how much money different all kinds of professional baseball players should make. My internet access and eagerness to spout off opinions circumvents forces far out of my control.

How Much Baseball Players Should Make

I’ve read a lot about all this stuff on my laptop.

I know how much money baseball players should make. Though I only know enough about macroeconomics to know the word macroeconomics. And I have never taken an economics course. But I did watch Moneyball. And I follow all sorts of important politics accounts on social media. I even bought this book about economics and read a few pages the other day. Family members have told me I’m good with this kind of stuff. My aunt often throws up her hands in deference and says things like I just can’t wrap my head around these things like you young kids.

My impression of myself as an expert in economic calculation & praxeology balloons my certainty of opinion regarding economic actors and their deductions.

Knowledge of Economics versus Opinions About Economics

And I’m here to tell you with my receding hairline and purposefully unkempt facial hair that I know how much money professional baseball players at all levels should be making.

Here’s a list of sources desperately awaiting my input on the economics of baseball:

  • MLB team owners
  • Major league baseball players
  • Minor league team owners
  • Minor league baseball players
  • Families of major & minor league baseball players
  • Families of MLB and minor league team owners
  • Long-established official collective player unions
  • An infinitely complex interweaving web of incentive structures and price calculations

Worry not: my conclusion will NOT be an empty platitude. I’ve got a big excel spreadsheet with lots of sheets and formulas open on my laptop. Once I’ve crunched the numbers I’ll get back to you.

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