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What Is This.

This is a Baseball Blog.

The Screwball Times is a playground for the intellectually curious goofball. The Sousaphonist on the Moneyball bandwagon with a ne’er-do-well streak.┬áHot takes are mock. Conclusions dim. Critical analysis uncritical. Our perspective on baseball, while grounded in respect and irrational passion, defaults to digression, triviality, and the undressing of a funny game featuring the erratic thwacking of a little round ball.

For sober analysis, we nod and defer to baseball braniacs like those at The Hardball Times. Meanwhile, we happily succumb to the fatal proclivity to screw around. Baseball is too great to be taken seriously.

Welcome, fellow delinquent. Read on.

Calvin Tossing a Baseball to Himself

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