MLB solo homers in 2020: a brief breakdown

by Fred Hofstetter on January 15, 2021

Discover the Hot Facts about the instances of MLB home runs in which no baseball players occupied bases. The shocking truths revealed within will surely shock you.

Total Solo Homers in 2020 Regular Season

Nobody hit more solo homers than the best team in the league. Photo via Flickr.

It’s the offseason and I’m sitting by myself at 10 o’clock on a Thursday reminiscing about being frustrated about important things like how few baserunners seem to be on base when my favorite team hits a home run.

So I wondered, how many solo home runs were hit in MLB’s shortened 2020 regular season? Here’s an answer, and more fun facts there’s no reason for anyone to ever care to know or retain:

  • There were 1,325 solo home runs in MLB’s 2020 regular season, 59.5% of the 2,304 total home runs hit during the regular season.
    • There were 3,965 solo home runs in MLB’s 2019 full regular season, 59.5% of its 6,776 total home runs. That’s not a typo, I double checked. Some things don’t change much, I guess.
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers hit more solo home runs than any other MLB team (70).
  • The Arizona Diamondbacks allowed more solo home runs than any other MLB team (59).
  • Matthew Boyd of the Detroit Tigers surrendered more solo home runs than any other pitcher (11).
  • Jose Abreu, Nelson Cruz, and Luke Voit tied for the league lead in solo homers (12).
  • Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati yielded the most solo home runs (64).
  • Most solo homers were hit on the first pitch (211).
  • Most solo homers were hit with 0 outs (619).
  • The Mets and Yankees hit the same number of solo HR (50).

Here’s some more cold, hard data:

MLB Team Solo HR Leaders, 2020
Team Solo HR
Los Angeles Dodgers 70
Minnesota Twins 62
Chicago White Sox 59
Atlanta Braves 53
Toronto Blue Jays 53
San Diego Padres 52
New York Yankees 50
New York Mets 50
Tampa Bay Rays 49
Cincinnati Reds 49
Baltimore Orioles 48
San Francisco Giants 47
Philadelphia Phillies 47
Boston Red Sox 47
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 46
Chicaco Cubs 46
Texas Rangers 42
Houston Astros 42
Oakland Athletics 40
Washington Nationals 40
Kansas City Royals 38
Pittsburgh Pirates 37
Milwaukee Brewers 37
Arizona Diamondbacks 36
Colorado Rockies 36
Miami Marlins 36
Seattle Mariners 35
Detroit Tigers 30
St. Louis Cardinals 26
Cleveland Not Indians 22
Players to hit 10 or more solo HR
Player Solo HR
José Abreu 12
Nelson Cruz 12
Luke Voit 12
Marcell Ozuna 11
Corey Seager 11
Teoscar Hernandez 11
Tim Anderson 10
Fernando Tatis Jr. 10
Renato Nunez 10
Anthony Rizzo 10
Trevor Story 10
Mookie Betts 10
Manny Machado 10
AJ Pollock 10

All stats are courtesy of Stathead Baseball. Thank you, Stathead baseball, for momentarily satiating my fleeting curiosity.

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