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Here are several guides to buying good baseball stuff. If you click my Amazon links and eventually buy something I will make a couple bucks and can more easily pay to keep this website running. And write other things on this website you don’t see here.

Nobody pays me to recommend any products I talk about. These are my honest recommendations based on my experience as a mediocre baseball/softball player, hyperactive consumer/researcher, and lifelong baseball fan.

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Collection of the Best Baseball Pitching Training Aids

Here are the 5 best types of baseball pitching training aids (2023)

Fred Hofstetter on March 3, 2023

There’s one you can’t go without - but there are several additional great pitching training tools for both youth and adult pitchers.

JUGS BP3 Best Baseball Pitching Machine You Can Buy in 2023

Here are 10 of the best baseball pitching machines (2023)

Fred Hofstetter on September 22, 2022

See some of the most common types of pitching machines you can buy, and what you can expect for price vs. quality for youth, adults and pros.

Youth Girl Using Best Hitting Training Aid Hit A Way

These are the 11 best baseball hitting/swing trainers (2023)

Fred Hofstetter on March 26, 2022

Find the perfect batting swing training aids for yourself or your team. Get better at hitting and have more fun playing baseball.

Three of the Best Baseball Rebounders You Can Buy in 2023

These are the 5 best baseball rebounders & pitchback nets (2023)

Fred Hofstetter on March 22, 2022

These rebounders/pitchback return nets are perfect for backyard fielding drills when your obsessive kid won't call it quits even after the sun goes down.

Best Baseball Related Gifts 2023

Here are 44 great baseball gift ideas for 2023

Fred Hofstetter on March 19, 2022

Find the perfect gift for the baseball lovers in your life. There are all sorts of great personalized, bulk, DIY/homemade baseball gift ideas.

Best Baseball Books to Read 2023

Here are 23 of the best baseball books to read in 2023

Fred Hofstetter on March 12, 2022

A handful of the best books about baseball for young and adult readers in 2023, including new/modern reads & a few classics/all-time favorites.