Seems like people are ready for 2020 baseball

by Fred Hofstetter on January 12, 2020

Baseball fans are fatigued with inferior sports and are showing many of the common signs of thirst for the next MLB season.

Signs Baseball Fans Ready for 2020 Season

Baseball Twitter is real worked up about people not voting for Larry Walker to get into the Hall of Fame. Photo credit.

Normal people get ordinary Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the winter. It’s gray every day. Snowing. Windy and cold. It’s hard to stay active and keep the blood pumping.

When January rolls around and baseball fans trudge their way through a 3rd full month of not-baseball, they accumulate their own disaffection.

Scroll through baseball twitter right now and you’ll find many of the common signs people are ready for baseball to return:

  1. Outrage over Hall of Fame voting. I’ve written before about why I couldn’t care less about baseball hall of fame voting, but it’s a big deal for a lot of people and right now apparently Larry Walker is getting the shaft.
  2. Arguing passionately about top X Y lists. X = a number, Y = a position.
  3. Less than scintillating free agent speculation. Last couple years this has actually been pretty scintillating with free agents taking longer to sign. But this year most of the big names have signed and we’re down to the change of scenery and fringe level deals.
  4. Halfhearted football takes. It’s the NFL playoffs and we have to scratch the sports itch somehow.
  5. GIFs of international play. Hilarious/perverse bat flips, brawls, etc. Sometimes just ordinary singles. It’s happening somewhere in the world and it’s comfortable to see it as a reminder of what we love here in the states.
  6. Random stat guessing games. Pick the best season (with three stat lines): A, B or C. You pick C? Surprise! A and B are both Roger Clemens and C is Jamie Moyer. Or something like that. These are great.
  7. Official MLB twitter accounts treading water until baseball season. You know these social media teams have quotas and they’re reposting memorable clips from 2019 and getting chippy with other MLB accounts to drive up their touchpoints.

It’s not a bad thing. The offseason is healthy to re-ignite the fire of baseball passion in your belly.

Know you aren’t alone – I’m right here waiting with you.


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