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Pittsburgh Pirates will Kneel During the National Anthem to Protest the St. Louis Cardinals

Pittsburgh Pirates will Kneel During the National Anthem to Protest the St. Louis Cardinals

Fred Hofstetter on September 24, 2017

Before Sunday's game in PNC Park, the Pittsburgh Pirates will make a bold statement by kneeling during the National Anthem to protest the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are fed up and are about to make an unprecedented statement. Photo Credit: Dan Gaken

Citing years of aggravation and lack of action from MLB league executives and policymakers, the Pittsburgh Pirates are taking a courageous stand before Sunday’s game at PNC Park. The team will be kneeling and locking arms in a unified protest against their opponent, the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Cardinals are a very long shot to make a run at another division title this season, currently sitting 5.0 games back of the Cubs with 8 games to play. However, they remain only 1.5 games out of a Wild Card spot. Parroting a common refrain from baseball players and fans across the league, the Pittsburgh Pirates have concluded that they just can’t anymore.

Team Emotional Leader Andrew McCutchen held a team meeting late Saturday night to discuss the issue.”It’s about time someone took a stand,” he explained in a statement released soon after. “We’ve been silent for too long, and we need to come together to make meaningful change.”

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