Here are 44 great baseball gift ideas for 2024

by Fred Hofstetter on January 22, 2024

Find the perfect gift for the baseball lovers in your life. There are all sorts of great personalized, bulk, DIY/homemade baseball gift ideas.

I’ve compiled a big list of baseball gifts for all types of people. Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, or no reason at all, it’s never really a bad time to share the game with others.

Gifts for boys and girls

Here’s a selection of really good gift ideas for your son, daughter, niece, nephew or little buddy who’s got dreams of making the big leagues someday. When they’re cracking dingers and making millions you’ll want to be able to say you did your part.

Training net (hitting and pitching)

Best Youth Baseball Gift Net

Here’s one of those staples pretty much every youth baseball player would love to have in their backyard. A training net is great for practicing both hitting and pitching in a small area. This one is a great idea for young players who can’t get enough baseball practice and want to keep getting better at home.

Set up a tee in front of it, take some swings, loosen up and get that good confident feeling before heading out for the game.

Or use it as a substitute for a catcher. This model I’m linking to is really best for hitting, as there’s no clear target or strike zone to use as a reference to practice location. But this one works great as a warm-up aid.

Set it up outside in the yard or in a large space like a garage or rec room. It’s a really big net so you shouldn’t have to worry about missing. But it’s not a good idea to set this up directly in front of your neighbor’s window. You’d just be asking for trouble.

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SKLZ Batting swing trainer

Batting Swing Trainer for Kids Best Baseball Gifts

Another great trainer for working on mechanics in the backyard, this batting trainer is a big level-up over a traditional tee. You won’t need a big net because the ball is attached right to the thing and rotates back to you after you take a swing.

Cool things:

  • You can adjust the height of the ball to work on higher or lower pitches
  • You can increase/decrease the tension of the arm
  • Stand closer or further away to work on inside/outside pitches
  • Includes a home plate so you can get really precise in how you practice

This is a great one for older players at the middle or high school levels who really want to fine tune their swing and make highly focused improvements. But this is also perfectly fine for 10, 11, or 12 year olds who are just working on building muscle memory.

You’ll probably want to use this outside, but if you’ve got a big room in the house, like a big unfinished basement or rec room, this is heavy enough to use without driving stakes into the ground.

There’s also no need for a pitcher. Or chasing baseballs all over the place. That’s a plus.

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Rebounder – for fielding/pitching training

Rebounder Best Baseball Related Gift Ideas

This might be an option for you if you like the idea of a net but hate the idea of having to go fetch the ball(s) out of the pocket every time.

I had one of these as a kid and it was a real love/hate thing. It was awesome when you used it absolutely right and never missed.

I actually thought it was most useful for practicing fielding—grounders vs. line drives vs. popups. The thing is shaped such that deflecting off the top part induces grounders and the bottom part induces popups/fly balls.

This one is advertised more like a pitching aid, which it can be used for—but there’s a certain pitch speed where the ball will rebound way too far, or you’ll wear out the net really quickly. I remember trying to use this for pitching practice as 14-15 year old but it never worked great 1) because I stunk and missed the thing half the time 2) when I threw at my normal speed the ball rebounded way too far and hit the house.

So I’d say consider this a good backyard fielding aid. And maybe useful for youngsters under 10 years old working on their throwing motion.

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T-ball set for toddlers

T Ball Batting Set for Toddlers Cool Baseball Related Gift

Every kid’s got to start somewhere. This little T-ball set is a great spring/summer toy for toddlers (think 1-4 years old or so?) to learn the basics of swinging a bat, developing bare minimum coordination to learn how to hit a ball off a tee.

They’re going to do it really wrong at first and it will be hilarious. Real little kids are like drunks and watching them try to hit a baseball is some wholesome family fun.

The good news is everything in this set is built way oversize like a cartoon, so the kid will be waving around this giant plastic bat whiffing at a huge perfectly still softball size wiffle ball. Every once in a while they’ll miraculously connect and get this huge grin on their face like they just won the lottery.

It’s the perfect win-win: either they suck and it’s funny, or they do great and you witness the absolute peak of human elation—a 2 year old hitting a baseball.

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Soft training baseballs

Soft Practice Baseballs Best Baseball Gifts for Youth

Real, hard baseballs can be a little bit hardcore for youth players who are just starting to learn how to hit, field and pitch.

Enough nasty bumps and bruises and young boys and girls might just start thinking this is a strange activity in which to voluntarily participate. It can be kind of a dangerous game for uncoordinated people who don’t really know what they’re doing. No offense kids, but that last sentence describes most of you. It sure described me—you’ll get better, too.

These soft balls are really good for training and won’t break any windows.

As an adult now permanently working from home I actually like to have a couple of these in my office to grab and toss to myself as stress relief. It helps to be able to squeeze the thing a little, and if I drop it there’s no dramatic thunk reverberating through my entire house.

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Cool sunglasses

Kids Sunglasses Best Baseball Gift

Every kid wants to look like their favorite ballplayer. Ballplayers wear cool sunglasses, so this is just part of the deal. This doubles as a practical gift to kill squinting so youth ballplayers can find popups.

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Eye black stickers

Youth Eye Black for Baseball Present

Like I said, kids want to look like their favorite ballplayers. Eye black is a mess and this alternative is fun enough. I never slathered eye black on my face in middle school ball so I can’t confirm these things actually reduce glare. But after a few Google searches it looks like it might. For just a few bucks it’s a nice throw-in.

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Bazooka gum

Bazooka Gum Best Gifts for Baseball Player

Every kid loves a big tub of bubble gum. Load ‘em up for the year.

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Baseball gifts for a coach

Signed picture frame

Picture Frame Autographed Baseball Gifts for Coaches

Here’s a go-to. Find a great picture of the coach with the team, stick it in a frame and have the whole team sign it.

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Thank You Keychain Best Gift for Baseball Coach

As far as mementos go I’m a big fan of keychains. I’ve got a few little knickknacks hanging off mine and it’s nice to have a daily reminder of some good memories.

This one I’m linking to is a 3-pack that comes with thank you cards (here’s a single that’s a little cheaper). So you can get a little something for each coach that’s helped you (or your kid) become a better ballplayer and maybe even a better person.

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Tumbler / coffee travel mug

Best Personalized Baseball Coach Mug

Chances are your coach is double or triple timing, running all over the place between their day job, being a parent and coaching your team. People like that need don’t usually get the doctor-recommended 8 hours of sleep and need a regular boost. Coffee is the cheapest way to get it. This mug lets everyone know “this drinker is a boss.”

Even if they’re too squeamish about walking around with something like this in public you can bet they’ll have it displayed prominently somewhere in their house.

Your coaches work hard, and every minute they spend with you is a minute not spent with someone else important to them. Let them know how much you appreciate their dedication and personal sacrifice.

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Regular coffee mug

Best Coach Ever Coffee Mug Good Gift Ideas

For the more modest youth coach who isn’t going to take a “Best Coach Ever” travel mug to work/out in public. As unassuming and humble as they might be they will definitely drink out of this thing with a grin on Sunday mornings at home.

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Personalized baseball for coaches

Personalized Baseball for Coach Great Gift Idea Christmas

A lot of baseball hardcores have a little display case somewhere and they’re typically full of milestone baseballs, or autographed baseballs. This is one you can personalize for a coach and it will definitely find its way onto a shelf somewhere.

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Snarky T-shirt

Cute Cool T Shirt for Baseball Coach Gift Ideas

For those coaches with a little edge on them. This gave me a chuckle.

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Megaphone Funny Gift Idea for Baseball Coach

A good gag gift for your baseball coach.

This can be a win either way:

  1. The coach is soft spoken and outfielders can never hear their quietly shouted instructions.
  2. The coach is a human megaphone and appreciates sarcasm. And maybe it drives the whole team nuts and you want to engineer a “laugh with them” moment opposed to “laugh at them.”

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“Coach” wood word

Coach Word Gift for Baseball Related Event

Another one for the display case. This one’s kind of cool as you can get the whole team to autograph the word. Here’s a good one for an end-of-season banquet, the coach’s birthday or something like that.

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Baseball team gifts

Choosing baseball-related gifts for the team for a graduation/senior night or end-of-season party can be a little intimidating. The price piles up fast and it can feel like nobody’s getting anything that great—but I’m also writing a big check.

That’s OK. It’s the gesture that counts. Anybody who’s seriously judging your bulk-gesture gifts for 100 kids you’ve devoted your free time to for months on end isn’t worth caring about.

Here are some choices you might consider for the “for everyone on the team” gift list.

Motivational baseball dog tags

Baseball Dog Tags Gift for Teams

A really good bulk option for huge teams of boys/girls or even adults. There are baseball-themed motivational messages that will give you the warm fuzzies.

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Wristbands that are also motivational

Baseball Wristbands Best Gifts for Baseball Teams

Same idea here, except these go around your wrist rather than your neck.

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Personalized keychains

Personalized Keychain for Baseball Team Gift Ideas

These personalized keychains are pretty cool – everyone would get their name and number on their keychain as a nice every day memento.

Again, this is where the $$ can rise pretty quickly depending on how many kids there are on the team. Something non-personalized like this 20-pack might be more your jam as gift bag stuffers.

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Cute goodie bags

Cute Baseball Team Gift Bags

Put this one in the category of gifts for early youth players, mainly for after-the-game parties for a nice little themed touch.

Buy some cracker jacks, peanuts and gum, stuff ‘em in these bags and serve with a hot dog.

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Custom photoshopped photos

Best Custom Baseball Gift Ideas Photoshop Template

Disclosure: this is certainly not an entry-level gift for the team. Put it in the DIY/homemade category. This is a photoshop template where you can plug in some photos and text and generate a cool-looking photo you can blow up and give to ballplayers.

The caveat is you need photoshop and probably some basic photo editing skills to make this work. The good news is you pay for a single template and you can potentially get a bunch of cool memento gifts for a senior night/graduation/after season party for pretty cheap.

Maybe you can ask your son/daughter, niece or nephew or someone else you know who does graphic design/photo editing and help you out. Buying really nice bulk gifts for a team can get pretty expensive quick, but something like this can be a big cost saver.

View on Etsy

Baseball drawstring backpacks

Kids Backpack Best Baseball Gift for Teams

Kids who play sports are constantly on the go and there’s no shortage of stuff they need. If nothing else their parents will appreciate these as there’s no mistaking what’s supposed to be stored in something like this.

Another good bulk option for a big team, as it’s a pretty good per-unit cost.

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Gifts for mom or dad

Here are a few simple gift ideas that will do the trick for mother’s or father’s day. Show your folks you appreciate their carting you all over the place so you can play the game you love.

Gift ideas for mom/Mother’s Day

Another personalized keychain

Personalized Keychain Gift for Baseball Mom

I’ve got a lot of keychains on this list because it’s just a really good type of gesture gift with slight practical purpose. I like a little weight on my keyring and it’s nice to carry around a few fuzzy memories as a daily reminder of things you’re proud of.

Your Team Mom will love the message and the gesture.

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“Baseball Mom” hat

Baseball Mom Hat Great Gift Ideas

She’s proud of her role as Team Mom – let her show it off.

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“Baseball Mom” tumbler / travel mug

Mother's Day Tumbler Great Baseball Gift Idea

You can never have enough travel mugs. Mom needs lots of fuel to support you as much as she does. The least you can do is get her a receptacle.

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Full “Baseball Mom” package

Baseball Mom Package Gift Idea

This baseball mom package comes with a hat, ponytail ties, earrings and a travel mug.

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Personalized home plate plaque

Custom Home Plate Great Gift Idea for Baseball Mom Dad

Tell mom (and/or dad) how much you appreciate all the ways she’s helped you become not only a better ballplayer but a better person. You couldn’t have done it without her. Make sure she knows it.

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Personalized baseball bat wine glass mug

Baseball Mother's Day Gift Wine Glass Mugs

Mom’s casually sophisticated and it’s time she had the perfect drinkware to show it off. These baseball bat wine glass mugs from Dugout Mugs can be personalized with a custom photo so mom doesn’t forget what you look like in extra innings after throwing a few back. And unlike a regular wine glass, mom can drink beer out of it and no one would be the wiser.

Buy from Dugout Mugs

Gift ideas for Dad/Father’s Day

Baseball bottle opener

Best Father's Day Gift Idea Baseball Bottle Opener

Dads really love functional things. This is a perfect tool for his basement bar. Slap it on the fridge and he’ll never struggle to find a bottle opener again. He’ll give you a pass for the cliched “I love you, Dad” because he’ll have to concede this is really useful.

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Beer bat baseball beer flight set

Dad Beer Flight Set Cool Gift Ideas

Another one for his bar. If your baseball dad’s more of a craft beer sipper he’ll love this.

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“Baseball Dad” patriotic T-shirt

Patriotic Shirt Good Gift Idea for Baseball Dad

If your dad loves:

  • You
  • America’s pastime
  • America

He will puff out his chest and wear this proudly.

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Cracker Jacks

Great Gift Idea for Baseball Dads Cracker Jacks

Cringing your way through this list? I know the feeling. My dad never wanted anything. He was a no-nonsense guy who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a kitschy hat or bother to keep gifted knickknacks and accoutrements lying all over the house. He was hard to shop for because if he wanted something, he bought it.

My favorite thing to do for my dad on Christmas or Father’s Day was load him up on consumables for the year. Boring stuff I knew he would actually use. Wet wipes, windshield wiper fluid, fuel injector cleaner, ibuprofen, pistachios and mixed peanuts, all that kind of stuff.

So if your dad loves baseball and spends all spring, summer and fall watching games, he’ll need a deep supply of Cracker Jacks to gnash on.

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Gifts for husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend

Looking for a great valentine’s day, anniversary or birthday gift for a significant other who is a serious baseball lover? Here’s a few ideas to get your wheels spinning.

Baseball glove wine bottle holder

Baseball Glove Wine Holder Gift for Christmas

Guys – come her way a little and help her tolerate your obsession. She’ll feel a lot more welcome joining you for a few innings if her beverage of choice has an apropos home.

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Rawlings wallet

Rawlings Wallet Great Gift Idea for Baseball Boyfriend

You’ve been heckling your husband/boyfriend for months about his ratty wallet. If you gift him this wallet he’ll have to use it. Plus, he loves baseball so he’ll be giddy whether he admits it or not.

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Couples keychain

Couples Keychain Anniversary Gift for Baseball Fans

This keychain commemorates your mutual love for the best game in the world. A great anniversary gift idea for baseball couples.

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A great baseball book

Absolutely shameless plug, because this is my website: I’m working on keeping a list of my favorite baseball books. I read as much as I can and have some recommendations. I certainly haven’t kept up with every baseball book recently published but I’ve got a few favorites I can’t imagine any real baseball fan wouldn’t like.

If you love the occasional peace and quiet of your significant other curling up with a book for a few hours you’ll want to encourage the habit.

You can check out my list here.

Unique baseball gifts

The mug with a glove

Glove Mug Great Birthday Gift Idea for Baseball Couple

Well isn’t this just adorable. Simulate the life of the world’s worst outfielder and bounce sugar cubes into your tea.

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Baseball heartbeat T-shirt

Best Baseball T-Shirt Gift Idea

I dig the concept. Save this one for the real hardcore baseball fan in your life.

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Don’t bunt T-shirt

Bunting T Shirt Best Unique Baseball Gifts

I really don’t mean to get political. But bunting is sad and dingers are happy. Get this shirt for the smart people in your life who love dingers and hate bunting. Because we must be actively anti-bunting.

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MLB ballpark scratch-off poster

Stadium Checklist Map Unique Baseball Themed Gift

Got that buddy who wants to go to a game at every ballpark in the country? Help them keep track.

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Baseball Christmas gifts

Anything you’ve seen on this list is a pretty good option for Christmas, but there are a few to choose from that are more obviously Christmas-themed, or great for the winter season while you wait for the return of baseball.

Snowman Christmas tree ornament

Baseball Snowman Christmas Ornament Gift Idea

Nothing says Christmas like gifting someone an ornament. There are all sorts of ornaments you can find for different tastes. This one is particularly cute. 

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Baseball Santa hat t-shirt

Best Baseball Christmas Gift Idea Baseball Wearing Stocking

Beginning a theme of good gift ideas for opening on Christmas morning. Chances are the baseball fan you’ve got in mind will be missing baseball pretty hard by the end of December. Here’s a Christmas-themed baseball shirt they can throw on and represent the sport they love and miss so dearly. 

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Baseball night light for kids

Baseball Night Light Christmas Gift for Kids

When I was a kid I dreamed about baseball coming back after a long winter. This night light will remind your niece or nephew of the warmer, brighter, and funner days to come in the spring.

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Baseball socks

Baseball Socks Christmas Gift Ideas for Baseball Fans

Another good lighthearted Christmas gift idea for unwrapping day for your family’s biggest baseball fan, especially when Christmas is cold in your neck of the woods. 

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Baseball trivia book

Baseball Trivia Book Christmas Gift Idea

Sometimes at get-togethers it’s nice to have a running joke. Books like this can be great gifts as every few minutes you can fill in a lull with a little trivia question to get people thinking and chatting a bit. If you’ve got a group of people who fashion themselves baseball experts, gift one of them something like this and it can be a nice little running gag for Christmas morning.

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Thanks for reading.

Whether it’s Christmas, a wedding, anniversary, birthday, end-of-season party, Father’s or Mother’s day, I sincerely hope you find a great gift for the baseball fan in your life and have a wonderful celebration. 

I want this to actually be a useful resource for people. I am really bad on the fly at gifts and usually need inspiration to get the ball rolling. Please, if you have any suggestions or want to share a cool baseball gift you’ve gotten for somebody, let me know on Twitter. Include a picture (and a link to where someone could buy it) and I might even add it to this page.

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